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Violent Crimes

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Violent Crime Attorneys San Antonio TX

Violent Crimes Laws in Texas

At LaHood Norton Law Group, our distinguished legal team has built a strong reputation for outstanding legal service in defending all types of criminal charges. This includes defense for violent crimes at both the state and federal levels.

Violent crimes can lead to serious consequences, ranging from prison sentences, heavy fines, and a permanent criminal record to the death penalty. Because of these severe consequences, we urge you to enlist the help of a San Antonio violent crime lawyer on our team to help you fight for your freedom and future. Our firm comprises former prosecutors who understand how the other side works and the tactics the state will use to try to convict you. That insight is invaluable in creating your defense.

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Texas Penalties for Violent Crimes

Violent crimes are taken so seriously by the courts due to their threat to public safety. These crimes are generally charged as felonies, which can leave you with a permanent criminal record that restricts your right to own a firearm, renders you unable to pursue certain occupations, prevents you from receiving certain kinds of government assistance, and even affects your ability to find a job or rent a home.

Examples of Violent Crimes in TX

The following are a few examples of violent offenses:

The charges you face will depend on various factors, such as your prior criminal history, whether a weapon was used, whether you injured or killed another person, and the extent of the physical damage the alleged victim suffered.

Team of Defense Lawyers for Violent Crime Cases in TX

With almost 100 years of combined experience, we have the professionalism and integrity that you are seeking. At LaHood Norton Law Group, we remain passionate about protecting your legal rights and working for your best interests with diligence and dedication.

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