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Drug Distribution

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Drug Distribution Attorney San Antonio TX

Defending the Accused of Illegal Drug Distribution in Texas

Most people think of illegal drug distribution as a form of trafficking of controlled substances for money by drug cartels or other groups. However, in Texas, distribution not only involves drug dealers secretly selling narcotics to their customers but also includes anyone who shares illegal substances with friends or family for free.

If you have been accused of distributing a controlled substance – whether it was prescribed by a medical professional or obtained unlawfully – you should seek reliable representation immediately. You can turn to LaHood Norton Law Group for trusted counsel. Our dedicated team has helped countless individuals throughout the Greater San Antonio Area with aggressive defense work, building a reputation for outstanding skill and professionalism.

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Texas Drug Distribution Laws

Drug distribution is defined under the Texas Health and Safety Code. According to this code, the definition of “deliver” means to transfer that drug to another, regardless of whether or not you are doing so for financial gain. Therefore, if you offer a friend one of your prescribed painkillers or a pinch of your marijuana, you are technically “distributing” illegal drugs.

Penalties for Drug Distribution in Texas

In Texas, the penalties for drug distribution are based on:

  • The type of drug you distributed
  • The quantity of drug involved
  • Whether a minor was involved at the time or place of the distribution
  • Whether the drug you distributed caused injury or death to another

Penalties can range from the following minimum to maximum sentences:

  • Minimum: 180 days in a state jail facility and/or fines of up to $10,000
  • Maximum: life in prison with fines of up to $250,000

Honest & Trusted Legal Representation in San Antonio

No matter what type of drug distribution charge you are facing, your priority should be to obtain legal protection from an attorney at LaHood Norton Law Group. Our highly skilled lawyers have nearly a century of combined experience both inside and outside state and federal courtrooms.

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