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Burglary Lawyer San Antonio, TX

What Constitutes Burglary in Texas?

An individual commits burglary when they enter a building with intentions to commit a crime within. A prosecutor must produce evidence on the following points and convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt on each of them to show that a burglary occurred.

Texas law prohibits anyone from unlawfully entering any structure, including:

  • Homes
  • Stores
  • School buildings
  • Houseboats
  • Trailer homes
  • Tents or campsites

Some states also differentiate between burglary of a commercial space and residential burglary, punishing residential burglary more harshly. For residential burglary, the building must be a home, apartment, or some type of building in which a person lives. Any type of forced entry, no matter how minimal, is enough to satisfy this requirement.

If you are facing burglary charges, you need a competent and experienced attorney on your side. The San Antonio burglary lawyers at LaHood Norton Law Group are here to help. We can build a strong defense capable of withstanding the prosecution’s case against you.

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