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Federal Crimes
Federal Crimes


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Defense Strategies for Federal Criminal Conspiracy Charges in Texas

Many defendants assume they can only be charged with a crime by carrying out the illegal activity in person. However, federal law punishes conspiracy, meaning a defendant could be charged and convicted simply for planning with others to break the law. A defendant could also be convicted of all offenses committed by co-conspirators. If you are involved in a conspiracy in any way, you could be held accountable for everything done by the people you are working with.

If you have found yourself under investigation or arrested for conspiring to commit a crime, you need a skilled criminal defense attorney on your side right away. Our San Antonio conspiracy lawyers deliver effective representation with tailored strategies to protect your rights and help you avoid conviction or serious penalties.

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Federal Conspiracy Charges Sentencing

Being charged with conspiracy can have severe consequences. You could face a lengthy prison sentence and be left with a criminal record. Federal conspiracy charges are more severe than state charges. You will need to understand how such cases are investigated and how prosecutors can prove the case against you if you are accused of a conspiracy offense.

In a conspiracy case, courts and prosecutors will consider:

  • Whether there was, at minimum, some form of verbal or implied agreement to commit a crime
  • The element of intent
  • Whether at least one conspirator took concrete action in furtherance of the plan

In Texas, a conspiracy offense is considered to be one category lower than the crime that is the object of the conspiracy. That means the penalties you face will depend on the nature of the crime that was allegedly being planned.

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