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Intoxicated Manslaughter

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San Antonio Intoxication Manslaughter Attorney

What is Intoxication Manslaughter?

Texas Penal Code § 49.08 defines intoxication manslaughter as an individual operating any motor vehicle while intoxicated and as a result causes the death of another person.

If you are facing the criminal justice system after being arrested for intoxication manslaughter, you are probably worried about your future and the potential consequences ahead.

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Texas Intoxication Manslaughter Penalties

Intoxication manslaughter is a second-degree felony in the state of Texas. With a slight change in circumstances, what would have been a misdemeanor DWI can quickly become a very serious felony. Deferred adjudication is not an option for intoxication offenses.

DWI manslaughter can carry the following penalties:

  • $10,000 in fines
  • 2 – 20 years in prison
  • 180-days to 2-years driver’s license suspension

Representation for Intoxicated Manslaughter Texas Cases

The prosecution will likely want to strongly pursue a conviction of these types of cases on behalf of the victim’s family. The state of Texas is not likely to give up easily on this charge or give you a deal that does not include time in prison. You will need an experienced San Antonio intoxication manslaughter lawyer who can aggressively represent you and ensure that you are placed in the best position possible at the resolution of your case.

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