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San Antonio Cybercrime Lawyers

Understanding Cybercrimes Laws and Charges

Criminal activities conducted through the internet have been labeled “cybercrimes.” These are crimes that either target a network, system, or device to hack or disable it or use devices to engage in illegal activities such as stalking or distributing pornography. Because they are nonviolent, faceless forms of criminal behavior, cybercrimes are classified as white-collar crimes.

Depending on the circumstances, a cybercrime conviction can lead to harsh penalties involving jail or prison time, fines, probation, and a criminal record that will follow you throughout life. Smart and tough legal representation is needed to help you in the face of a cybercrime investigation by a state or federal agency or formal charges. Our San Antonio cybercrime attorneys have the tools, skill, and commitment to fight hard on your behalf.

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Three Categories of Cybercrime

Cybercrimes generally fall into three categories:

  • Property crimes
  • Individual crimes
  • Crimes against the government

Property Cybercrimes

Property crimes consist of phishing and hacking activities designed to steal a person’s identity, credit, or banking information and then using that information to illegally purchase items online. Alternatively, it may involve internet scams designed to extract money from an unsuspecting victim. Malicious software is often used in these types of scams.

Individual Cybercrimes

An individual cybercrime involves a person distributing information online that is either malicious or unlawful, such as pornography. It could also include trafficking and cyberstalking, luring minors for sexual purposes, and more.

Cybercrimes Against the Government

Crimes against the government are the most serious because they involve hacking government and/or military websites to gain information, disable, or damage. It has also been called cyber terrorism.

You Need Legal Protection & Advocacy

Law enforcement officials and prosecutors pursue cybercrimes aggressively, especially when they involve minors, sexual activity, or internet fraud against large numbers of people. At LaHood Norton Law Group, our San Antonio cybercrime lawyers understand the pressures you may be feeling. We are here to protect your legal rights and fight for a positive solution to your case.

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