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What is a Writ?

A court writ is a document from a higher court that can order a lower court or government entity to take a certain action. In a trial. A defendant can only file an appeal one time but can file multiple court writs.

As a defendant, you can seek various types of writs from an appellate judge directed at either the trial court or a lower appellate court. The procedures and requirements pertaining to writs can be complex, so it is best to seek counsel from a trusted criminal defense attorney.

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Different Types of Writs

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure annul certain writs and instead grant relief through a lawsuit or a motion.

Examples of writs commonly available in federal courts include writs of:

  • Certiorari: Allow a case to be reviewed
  • Habeas corpus: Challenge a prisoner’s detention
  • Prohibition or injunctions: Compel or prevent certain actions
  • Error Coram Nobis: Set aside a conviction

At the state level, there may be other types of writs available, including writs of:

  • Attachment: Allow a person or piece of property to be seized
  • Capias: Essentially a warrant for an arrest
  • Fieri facias: Allows the seizure and auction of property to pay debts
  • Venire facias: Summon jurors to appear in court

A writ is considered an extraordinary remedy, which means courts only permit them when a defendant has no other option, like an appeal.

Why Seek a Writ?

A defendant might seek a writ if:

  • The defense failed to object in a timely fashion when an error in injustice occurred
  • They need immediate relief to prevent injustice or expense
  • They already lost an appeal and have no other form of recourse
  • An attorney failed to properly investigate a potential defense

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