Jay Norton

Question: How have past experiences shaped the way you go about cases?

Nico LaHood: Because of our past experiences not only as defense attorneys, like Jay and I but as former prosecutors, all four of us were high-level prosecutors. Which brings a different aspect to representing people going through the justice system when you’ve actually prosecuted. Every case is important because to our clients what we’ve realized is that case is the most important case to them and their family and so we take it that way. We don’t think it’s a small case, it’s not big enough for us, so we just encourage people to come in to meet with one of the lawyers. Let’s evaluate your case and find out like I said if we are the right fit.

Nico LahoodQuestion: What types of clients are you seeking?

Jay Norton: It’s interesting what we have found is a lot of people feel like they can’t afford us because it’s just a misdemeanor, but what we realize and what they know too is if it’s important enough for you to come to seek out an attorney and need our services, it important enough for us. We will spend that quality time with you and we will do what is necessary to help you with that case.


Question: What types of cases do you handle?

Nico LaHood: Misdemeanors are just as important to us as they are to you and we do handle large cases in the federal system and then state cases as well. And we don’t look at it like this is just a state case, we just encourage people to come in, let’s evaluate your case, let’s talk about the situation, your evidence, the law, give you information. It’s not just about us getting information. And we really evaluate whether this firm is the right fit for you

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