Question: What makes the LaHood Norton Law Group unique and what sets it apart from other law firms?

Nico LaHood: Let me put it into perspective for you, firms don’t start with 60 years of experience both as prosecutors and defense attorneys. This is a very unique firm that I’ve never seen before, at least during my career and my time. And so that’s what’s extremely unique about Lahood Norton.

Question: How would you describe your jobs as prosecutors and defense attorneys?

Nico LaHood: Our oath as prosecutors is to ensure justice is done. Our oath as defense attorneys is to zealously represent our clients and we do that with honor and integrity. We don’t give anybody any gimmicks; we don’t do any shortcuts. There is no substitute for hard work and you can’t make someone not afraid to fight, either you’re afraid to fight or you’re not. 

Question: How has your experience been beneficial in the courtroom?

Jay Norton: You’re getting four tried and true advocates, people who can walk into a courtroom and try anything, because we’ve tried everything. But we can guarantee that hard work, we can guarantee that honesty, and we can guarantee that integrity. We are not up and comers we’re up here, we’re ready and we continue to get better and we continue to grow and we continue to hone our skills with honor and integrity. 

Question: What can people expect when working with the LaHood Norton Law group?

Jason Goss: Anybody who hires us, what they can expect is they can expect to have four of the fiercest and best advocates in San Antonio on their side fighting for them. There are also four people who know the system. The system I know can be scary and can be difficult to navigate and anybody who comes to this firm will have four people who know the ins and outs of what the protesters are thinking, of what they’re doing, what their strategy is, why they are charging what they are charging, and how best to beat those. And how to really best get justice for our clients and make sure that they get the best results possible.

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