Category: Felony

Is Unlawful Restraint the Same as Kidnapping?

August 31

At first glance, unlawful restraint and kidnapping may appear to be the same. They both involve restricting another person’s…

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Is Assault on an Officer a Felony?

August 21

Any encounter with law enforcement officials can be scary. Everything that happens from the initial contact to an arrest…

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Is It a Crime to Keep Rental Equipment Passed the Agreement Date?

June 30

Various situations may arise when you need equipment you don’t readily have on hand. For instance, if you’re moving…

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When Is It Illegal to Have a Gift Card?

June 26

For things like birthdays, weddings, graduations, and other significant life events, people often give gift cards as presents. Preloaded…

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Is Street Racing a Felony in Texas?

May 22

You can add various modifications to your vehicle to make it sleeker, more efficient, and faster. Often, fixing up…

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Is Coughing on Food Illegal?

March 31

If you’re at a grocery store, you get a little tickle in your throat, and you accidentally cough on…

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What Is the Punishment for Injury to a Child in Texas?

March 27

Texas laws are concerned with protecting the health and safety of residents and visitors. This is especially true in…

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Is Criminal Trespass a Felony?

March 23

Texas law defines criminal trespass as entering or remaining on property without the consent of the owner or someone with…

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Ringing Up a Possible Felony at a Self-Checkout Counter

December 7

Nowadays, many stores have self-checkout counters that conveniently allow a person to ring up and pay for their items…

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