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What Is Revenge Porn, and Is It Illegal?

February 28

In today’s age of smartphones, text messaging, emailing, and social media sharing, it’s easier than ever to send photos…

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Increased Sentences for Making or Selling a Drug that Injures or Kills

February 21

Drug manufacture and distribution laws are in place to deter related crimes, reduce the amount of controlled substances circulating…

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What Is Indecent Assault?

February 16

Understanding Indecent Assault Statutes in Texas Some of us are tactile people. We might show our emotions to different…

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Texas Expungement Law FAQ

January 20

Texas Expunction Laws Criminal records are terrifying. They can seem like a persistent specter that follows you to job…

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Can You Receive Assault Charges for Self Defense?

January 6

Difference Between Self-Defense and Assault Texans have no duty to retreat from harm. We have the right to stand…

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LaHood Norton Law Group Welcomes DWI Consultant Dr. Lance Platt as Of Counsel

December 18

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – For more than 16 years, nationally-recognized DWI consultant Dr. Lance Platt and his team at…

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Can I Leave My Child Alone in My Car for a Few Minutes?

December 16

You’ve got a busy life, and when you need to run errands, you might take your kids with you.…

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Are the Charges the Same for Burglary of a Home and Burglary of a Vehicle?

December 9

Burglary Charges in Texas In Texas, burglary laws are separated into those committed in a home and those committed in a…

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Ringing Up a Possible Felony at a Self-Checkout Counter

December 7

Nowadays, many stores have self-checkout counters that conveniently allow a person to ring up and pay for their items…

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Attorney Nico LaHood Featured in My San Antonio

November 22

Attorney Nico LaHood was recently featured in a My San Antonio article titled, “Up Close with former DA Nico LaHood.”…

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