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Caught Drinking During DWI Probation—Do I Have a Defense?

November 21

What Is DWI Probation, and What Should I Know About It? If you’re charged with a DWI, you may choose…

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Fighting Felony Charges for Package and Mail Theft

November 14

Recent Laws Have Increased Penalties—and Your Chances of Being Charged Stealing mail is a federal crime but, until recently,…

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Stay out of Jail This Halloween: Illegal Pranks to Avoid

October 31

Halloween is a fun time to celebrate with friends—and to spread a bit of mischief in the dark of…

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Fighting the Injustice of the Death Penalty

October 22

Before the end of the year, Texas is scheduled to execute four people. Last year, our state executed 13 men—a full…

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What Happens After a Child Sexual Assault Arrest?

October 8

Sex crimes come with immense stigma and harsh punishments. Communities, especially parents, may turn against anyone accused of the crime—even…

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First DWI Arrest? You May Be Able to Keep a Clean Record.

September 30

A DWI arrest can bring serious consequences: Your license can be suspended for up to a year, you may be fined…

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Theft Charges in Texas: What They Are & What to Do

September 17

Arrested for Theft in Texas? Being arrested is terrifying, especially if you believe the accusations you’re facing don’t reflect…

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Sexting Without Consent Is Now a Misdemeanor

September 12

If you’re a fan of dating apps, listen up. Just this month, a new law has banned sending explicit…

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Former DA Nico LaHood – Daytime at 9 San Antonio

July 23

LaHood Norton Law Group is an experienced team of former prosecutors now defending the accused to protect their innocence.…

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Nico LaHood Former DA: LaHood Norton Law Group New Office

July 21

Question: How have past experiences shaped the way you go about cases? Nico LaHood: Because of our past experiences not…

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