Category: Assault

Is Assault on an Officer a Felony?

August 21

Any encounter with law enforcement officials can be scary. Everything that happens from the initial contact to an arrest…

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Is Coughing on Food Illegal?

March 31

If you’re at a grocery store, you get a little tickle in your throat, and you accidentally cough on…

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What Is the Punishment for Injury to a Child in Texas?

March 27

Texas laws are concerned with protecting the health and safety of residents and visitors. This is especially true in…

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What Is Indecent Assault?

February 16

Understanding Indecent Assault Statutes in Texas Some of us are tactile people. We might show our emotions to different…

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Can You Receive Assault Charges for Self Defense?

January 6

Difference Between Self-Defense and Assault Texans have no duty to retreat from harm. We have the right to stand…

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Can I Leave My Child Alone in My Car for a Few Minutes?

December 16

You’ve got a busy life, and when you need to run errands, you might take your kids with you.…

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Stay out of Jail This Halloween: Illegal Pranks to Avoid

October 31

Halloween is a fun time to celebrate with friends—and to spread a bit of mischief in the dark of…

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What to Do When Facing Assault Charges

July 19

Arrested for Assault: What Happens Next When you or a loved one face assault charges, it’s scary. There is…

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