Year: 2019

First DWI Arrest? You May Be Able to Keep a Clean Record.

September 30

A DWI arrest can bring serious consequences: Your license can be suspended for up to a year, you may be fined…

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Theft Charges in Texas: What They Are & What to Do

September 17

Arrested for Theft in Texas? Being arrested is terrifying, especially if you believe the accusations you’re facing don’t reflect…

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Sexting Without Consent Is Now a Misdemeanor

September 12

If you’re a fan of dating apps, listen up. Just this month, a new law has banned sending explicit…

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Former DA Nico LaHood – Daytime at 9 San Antonio

July 23

LaHood Norton Law Group is an experienced team of former prosecutors now defending the accused to protect their innocence.…

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Nico LaHood Former DA: LaHood Norton Law Group New Office

July 21

Question: How have past experiences shaped the way you go about cases? Nico LaHood: Because of our past experiences not…

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What to Do When Facing Assault Charges

July 19

Arrested for Assault: What Happens Next When you or a loved one face assault charges, it’s scary. There is…

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Nico LaHood and Jay Norton: Introducing the LaHood Norton Law Group

July 11

Question: What makes the LaHood Norton Law Group unique and what sets it apart from other law firms? Nico LaHood: Let me put…

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Five Things You Should Never Do If You Get Arrested

June 20

Getting arrested can be a frightening experience. However, you should be very careful about your actions in the immediate…

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Firing an Attorney: Steps to Take to Protect Legal Rights and Interests

June 20

Odds are that a person engages an attorney at least once during his or her lifetime. Indeed, in this…

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