Year: 2020

What’s Considered a Deadly Weapon in Texas?

May 25

You might have read or heard about someone in Texas being charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.…

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Is Street Racing a Felony in Texas?

May 22

You can add various modifications to your vehicle to make it sleeker, more efficient, and faster. Often, fixing up…

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Is Interfering with a 911 Call Illegal?

April 30

Suppose Jake and Emily have gotten into an argument. With her temper rising and upset that Jake won’t see…

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Can a Minor Get a DWI in Texas?

April 24

Texas has “Zero Tolerance” laws concerning minors and alcohol-related offenses. For the purposes of these statutes, a minor is…

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What Is Retaliation Against a Witness?

April 20

Being accused of and charged with a crime can be frightening. The criminal justice system often seems to be…

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Is Coughing on Food Illegal?

March 31

If you’re at a grocery store, you get a little tickle in your throat, and you accidentally cough on…

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What Is the Punishment for Injury to a Child in Texas?

March 27

Texas laws are concerned with protecting the health and safety of residents and visitors. This is especially true in…

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Is Criminal Trespass a Felony?

March 23

Texas law defines criminal trespass as entering or remaining on property without the consent of the owner or someone with…

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What Is Revenge Porn, and Is It Illegal?

February 28

In today’s age of smartphones, text messaging, emailing, and social media sharing, it’s easier than ever to send photos…

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Increased Sentences for Making or Selling a Drug that Injures or Kills

February 21

Drug manufacture and distribution laws are in place to deter related crimes, reduce the amount of controlled substances circulating…

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